Gaia Flash Framework

May 15, 2009

Flash Frameworks are a big thing nowadays. They make the job of creating a Flash-based web site easier, help you organize your code and files. There are many of these in development out there, but Gaia Flash Framework is one that stands out in the crowd.

Apart from it’s intuitive work-flow and beying open-source, what makes it so great is that it integrates into Flash CS3/CS4, providing an user interface that makes the creation of web sites as easy as pushing a few buttons.

Other features like deep-site-linking, timeline or actionscript based transitions, actionscript 2 and 3 support and scafolding complete the package.

Check out the demo video at


Simplify PHP

February 2, 2009

Simplify PHP is a Rapid Application Development Framework written in PHP 5.

For some years I have used and studied other popular frameworks such as CakePHP, Symfony and Rails. I have taken the best practices out of them and compiled them into a framework that I feel best suites my needs. I have used Simplify on many of my projects and it’s proven to be a good tool for web applications development.

If anyone else decides to give it a try, I hope it works for you and am looking forward to your opinion and contribution 🙂

Download available soon.