Directory Structure

This is the default Simplify directory structure.

Your application’s base path. Should preferably be below web root.

Default application entry point.

Default application config file.


Your application’s components/helpers/models.

Your application’s home path. This folder contains your application’s controllers and views.

Default home controller.

Default home index action view.

Default 404 Page Not Found action view.

Contains layout templates.

Default layout.


Your application web root. Contains all files publicly available (css, images, files).


Framework files.

Third party libraries and non-class framework files.


Bundled helpers/components.


All of these  can be defined by you. If not, Simplify will try to detect them.

Use Config::getInstance()-get(<name>).

  • app_dir – Your applications path.
  • sy_dir – Simplify’s path.
  • base_url – Your server’s base url.
  • app_url – Your application’s base url.


  • All paths and urls SHOULD be absolute.
  • Path’s SHOULD NOT have trailling slashes.
  • Simplify uses / (forward slash) as default directory separator for all operating systems.

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