Actionscript 3 Padding Component – Applying the Decorator Pattern

May 4, 2009

PaddingDecorator is an Actionscript 3 component (extends UIComponent) that uses the Decorator Design Pattern to add padding to DisplayObjects.

Padding Decorator - Class Diagram

You can download the component here.


import org.mi.layout.decorators.PaddingDecorator;

var mc:MovieClip = new MovieClip();

var padding:PaddingDecorator = new PaddingDecorator();
padding.left = 10;
padding.right = 20;
padding.bottom = 30; = 50;

padding.component = mc;


About LayoutManager and Updating the Display List

February 2, 2009

DUH! Hehe. Thanks for the comments and for clearing this one for me. That’s so obvious I don’t know how I missed it. Event.ADDED, Event.REMOVED and the event propagation mechanism takes care of this problem. Closing this one up.

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LayoutManager Download

February 2, 2009

Beta version of LayoutManager can be downloaded from:

Layout Manager

February 2, 2009

Ever since Flex came out people have been after similar functionality for Flash. There aren’t many options out there, but a few worth mentioning are and After studying these (great) diferent approaches, I decided to give it a try and build my own version, similarities not a coincidence.

LayoutManager and LayoutElement

LayoutElement extends a DisplayObject’s size and positioning properties. Both size and position can be specified in pixels or percentage of a container. LayoutManager manages LayoutElements and updates them as necessary.

LayoutManager Demo


LayoutContainer extends Flash’s UIComponent and works much like ScrollPane, except it’s content can be added/removed directly just like any other DisplayObjectContainer.

Layout Containers

Layouts Containers, such as Canvas, HBox and VBox, extends from the LayoutContainer class and add LayoutManager and LayoutElement functionality.

HBox Demo