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2 Responses to About

  1. John says:

    Post A
    | [composite Post B]

    I found that when Composite Post (B) is inserted into Post (A); Post(B) will control the displayed Category, TAGs, Trackback and Comments (show/no show) of Post(A).

    Is there any way to stop this inheriting these attributes of Post(B) or put another way, just obtain the contents of Post(B) and allow the Category, Tag, Trackback and Comments of Post(A) to remain independent?

    If you need an example I can explain more.

  2. Richard Brown says:


    Great plugin, though i run into a problem which i need to find a solution to.

    Maybe you can help?

    I currently have your plugin Composite Post and another plugin called Showtime installed on a page. Seperately they work fine, both used on one page Composite Post stops Showtime working and just shows the Showtime shortcode instead??

    I need a solution to get them both working asap. Because i need to use them both again in the future?

    Can you please help!!

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