Actionscript Physics Engine

May 21, 2009

APE stands for Actionscript Physics Engine and it´s a great engine that allows for easy creation of dynamic systems that simulate physics. You start by creating particles and groups of particles, apply forces (such as gravity) and constraints (such as spring) to these particles and groups and add listeners to detect collisions beetween them.

The engine is in a very mature state and in constant development. And it’s open-source.

More about it at:


Gaia Flash Framework

May 15, 2009

Flash Frameworks are a big thing nowadays. They make the job of creating a Flash-based web site easier, help you organize your code and files. There are many of these in development out there, but Gaia Flash Framework is one that stands out in the crowd.

Apart from it’s intuitive work-flow and beying open-source, what makes it so great is that it integrates into Flash CS3/CS4, providing an user interface that makes the creation of web sites as easy as pushing a few buttons.

Other features like deep-site-linking, timeline or actionscript based transitions, actionscript 2 and 3 support and scafolding complete the package.

Check out the demo video at

Actionscript 3 Padding Component – Applying the Decorator Pattern

May 4, 2009

PaddingDecorator is an Actionscript 3 component (extends UIComponent) that uses the Decorator Design Pattern to add padding to DisplayObjects.

Padding Decorator - Class Diagram

You can download the component here.


import org.mi.layout.decorators.PaddingDecorator;

var mc:MovieClip = new MovieClip();

var padding:PaddingDecorator = new PaddingDecorator();
padding.left = 10;
padding.right = 20;
padding.bottom = 30; = 50;

padding.component = mc;